Marketing Automation & Podcast 101


GIGshop#2 by Want Things Done
Wonder how to put yourself out there #PYOT more?
Wonder why your site is not gaining the traction you want? Struggling with acquiring and/or retaining customers?
Featuring our GIG Expert-in-Residence at WantThingsDone.com, Fabian Ouwehand, a self-taught-preneur who has helped companies achieve these goals in Europe and in Asia. Currently based in China and runs his own growth marketing agency, previously worked and/or founded businesses in Singapore and Netherlands, he is very knowledgeable in these fields, willing to share and simply passionate to help your personal and business growth.

How to Get Started with Marketing Automation today.
The best marketing teams use marketing automation to increase their ROI significantly. This includes, greater quality leads, greater conversion rates and greater customer lifetime value.
Marketing Automation should be in the core of your marketing activities as a SME, Scale-Up, Startup or Corporate.
  • What is marketing automation?
    • Introduction - What is it and what can it do for you?
    • Why you should have started marketing automation a couple of years ago already
    • Misconceptions
  • The Basics of Marketing Automation
    • Aqcuisition
    • Retention & Engagement (nurturing)
    • CLTV, customer lifetime value
    • Track & Measure
  • How to implement it in your business today
    • Connect tools you’re currently using
    • Low investment, high ROI
    • Get to know your customers
  • LIVE: setting up a marketing automation journey within 30 min.
How To Start A Podcast?
  • What is a podcast, and why you should start one?
  • How to create your podcast?
    • Audio Quality
    • Branding
    • Podcast Name
    • How to make it memorable
    • Do’s and Don’t
  • How to grow your podcast?
    • Choose your channels
    • Domain name
    • Marketing
    • Partnerships
  • How to monetise your podcast
    • Coaching
    • Affiliate
    • Sponsorships
    • Products / Services

6:30 Registration and Networking

7:00 Intro

7:15 How to Start a Podcast?

8:15 How to get Started with Marketing Automation

10:00 Event ends


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